Home birth or hospital birth, who decides?

MFM highlights the problem of a wife wanting one type of birth, while the husband doesn't


Here at MFM, we hope that every woman gets to have the birth experience she’s hoped and planned for.


We’re always interested to follow the home birth debate, as we’re sure you are, too. So we were interested to read a dilemma in the Telegraph today from a woman wanting to have her second baby at home but concerned that her husband is adamant it’s not safe.

She asks the interesting question, who has the final say! This is what she says…

“My husband has become overly anxious about the birth of our second child. As it’s second time around, I feel very relaxed but he is worrying about everything. The issue has come to a head because I want a home birth but he is adamant it is not safe. I value his opinion but as I’m the one giving birth surely I have final say?”

The Telegraph’s agony duo offer the advice that she must try to “unscare” him.

“You’ll already know that it’s easy to find horror stories both ways, and the internet can back up any argument, whichever way you care to make it. So, I’d just say, yes, you do have final say. But it sounds as if he’s really scared. Are you sure you want to scare him? And, although it won’t, if anything did go wrong, would you want to know the decision was made with stamped feet? I think you should talk this out more until you’re both happy.”

Do let us know what you think and if you’ve experienced a home birth, good or bad.

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