Homework assignment gets LOL results – but why was it set in the first place?

There's no denying it got a hilarious response, but we can't figure out what the point of it was...


Here at MFM HQ, we just LOVE a story that includes an unintentionally hilarious pic by a child (remember this bleak birthday card for a dad or slightly shocking giraffe drawing?) ?


So we must admit we had a good old chuckle at this Imgur post which shows what a 6-year-old girl drew after being asked to show “what mum looks like in the morning” and “what mum looks like when she’s going out”.


Yep, we can all totally relate to the sentiment shared in these pics – though none of us would admit to wearing a dress quite that short when we go out…

But this particular assignment does beg the question: what exactly was the teacher trying to get out of her pupils?

Was she simply doing it to get some LOL responses or was there an actual point to it?

The post has received LOTS of responses, plenty agreeing with us.

One said: “Why would the teacher prompt them with these two headings? She must have known this would happen…”

Another even came up with a suggestion as to why the homework might have been set.

“I’m pretty sure things like this are just a way to spot potential problems at home.”

Mmm, interesting theory…what do you reckon? Tell us in the comments below.

Photo: Imgur

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