Now pregnant Billie Faiers has gone past her due date, she’s resorting to old tricks to get things going. In a bid to kickstart her labour, Billie’s sister Sam has even been speeding up over speed bumps!


"This is quite funny, we were on our way over to my dad's mum's house and there's loads of bumps down that road,” Sam told OK! Online. “So I was half-speeding up and going over them and Billie was like 'What are you doing?!'

"She was the one that told me speeding over bumps can bring on labour!”

The auntie-to-be also revealed that Billie’s been keeping active and drinking herbal teas.

"She's been bouncing on her pregnancy ball and she's had raspberry leaf tea which is supposed to help bring on contractions,” Sam said.

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Enjoy the calm before the storm Billie!

Photo: Instagram / Billie Faiers

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