How can you avoid this playground nightmare?

Who hasn't gone down the slide with their little one on their lap?


Oh goodness. Who HASN’T done this – gone down the slide with their baby or toddler on their lap, either just for the sheer hell of it (well it IS fun) or because the little one was too nervous to go down alone?


We might all be thinking twice before doing it in future having heard about this poor little girl (not to mention her no doubt devastated mum).

Katie Dickman was at the park with her 18-month-old daughter Hannah when the toddler wanted to have a go on the slide but was a little bit worried about going on her own.

So, like we all would, Katie went up the slide with Hannah and then put her on her lap to slide down.

Sounds like a familiar scenario, right? Something we’ve all done a million times before.

But in an absolutely freak accident, on this occasion it wasn’t all whizzy-down fun – little Hannah’s trainer got caught on the edge of the slide because of being on her mum’s lap.

Katie obviously grabbed Hannah’s leg to release her foot so they could continue moving down, but the little girl was really upset and obviously in pain. 

Katie took Hannah to hospital where x-rays revealed her lower leg was broken – a fractured tibia, in fact.

Hannah’s dad told reporters at the time of the incident that Katie was just trying to keep Hannah ‘extra safe’ on the slide and that she felt ‘very guilty’ about the accident. 

This particular horror story actually happened in the US in 2012, but is currently doing the rounds again on social media just as a warning to parents, as the sunny weather tempts us all out to the park.  

And while it could sound like over-zealous scaremongering, it would seem that this is does actually happen more than you might think – a study in the US found that nearly 14% of leg fractures over an 11-month period involved toddlers using slides with parents. 

The doc who treated little Hannah said that parents are always “baffled as to why nobody ever told them this could happen,” and added it was a totally preventable injury.

Eeek. It will make us think twice about doing this in future – or at least making sure our kids’ legs are totally centred on ours which means they won’t get caught on the sides. How about you?

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