How did Beyonce keep her baby bump a secret?

Following the revelation that the Single Ladies singer and husband Jay-Z are having a baby, we reveal how Beyonce managed to keep her growing bump out of the gossip columns


Beyonce pulled off the performance of her life this weekend, when she announced her pregnancy at the MTV Video Music Awards – and revealed a noticeable bump. For someone constantly in the public eye, how on earth has she been able to keep her secret hidden for so long?


Considering how pregnancy gossip usually starts the second a celeb is spotted with the mere hint of a normal tummy – as Nicole Richie, Scarlet Johansson, Kate Beckinsale and Reese Witherspoon have all found out recently – Beyonce has been incredibly successful at keeping mum. Most celebs try to wait until after their first trimester to announce their pregnancy, like Amanda Holden, but often the story is leaked early. Yet, by the looks of her bump, Beyonce may already be in her second trimester. 

So how has she done it? Looking back at Beyonce’s recent appearances it’s actually quite obvious that she had a more rounder looking tummy than usual. In the YouTube images above of Beyonce’s live performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on July 28, there is definitely a slight bump on show in that teeny white dress! Perhaps she managed to divert attention by delivering a powerful performance.

There was no evidence of a tummy when she appeared at Glastonbury, but Beyonce was more than likely well into her first trimester and managed to pull off an incredibly energetic set. Who knows whether she was struggling with pregnancy sickness at the same time?

A couple of weeks ago, she turned to clever wardrobe tactics, when she performed at the Roseland Ballroom – wearing a silver dress featuring a silver flap draped strategically over her tum.

She even dropped an almighty clue during an interview with Piers Morgan announcing, “I always said I would have a baby at 30.” The singer will turn 30 on September 4 this year…

Beyonce and Jay-Z clearly did tell a few of their close friends – and were able to rely on them to keep quiet. “I have known for quite a while,” said former Destiny’s Child bandmate and new X Factor judge, Kelly Rowland. “…she’s happy, and Jay is happy, and that’s all that counts.”

Beyonce’s new movie, A Star is Born has had to be pushed back due to her revelation, reports the Daily Mail. However Hollywood bosses haven’t even found a leading man yet!

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