How much time parents really spend reading to children

More than half of UK parents spend over 25 minutes a day reading with their children. Are you one of them?


Today is World Book Day and it seems UK parents have well and truly embraced reading, as a new study reveals over half of us read with our child for over 25 minutes a day.


One in five parents surveyed by childcare voucher provider Computershare Voucher Services (CVS) said they spent 42 minutes a day reading to their child.

The figure jumps for parents of toddlers, with 63% of mums and dads of 2-year-olds spending over 25 minutes a day reading to their tot, and a third of parents with 3-year-olds spending over 42 minutes a day.

But it’s not all good news. The study showed that one in 10 parents spend less than nine minutes a day reading with their child, a figure that increases the more siblings a child has.

Last month, it was revealed that The Very Hungry Caterpillar is the most read children’s book in Britain.

How much time do you spend reading with your little one? Let us know below.


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