How Natasha Hamilton’s three boys are looking after baby Ella

The mum-of-4 says Ella's older brothers are “very gentle” with her


Natasha Hamilton’s new baby daughter Ella is set to be well looked after – by her three big brothers. The former Atomic Kitten singer, Natasha, has already noticed that 6-week-old Ella is bringing out a softer side in her boys.


Natasha’s three boys are Josh, aged 12, Harry, 10, and Alfie, 4.

It seems 4-year-old Alfie has come over the most maternal and likes to push his teddies around in Ella’s pram. “Bless Alfie putting his teddy in Ella’s sleep suit & pushing it in the pram. #daddyalfie,” Natasha tweeted alongside a picture of Alfie’s ‘baby’ (above right).

“It’s softened the boys,” Natasha told OK! magazine. “When they’re holding her they’re being very gentle, they stroke her hair and give her little kisses which is really cute to see.”

She also shared a picture of Ella wearing a sweet headband and looking quite content in her bouncer. “Ella feeling a bit better in her new bouncer. Thanks so much @CutieBowsClips for Ella’s headbands, they are adorable,” she tweeted.


All that practising to be a dad has got Alfie tuckered out and he even fell asleep while eating. “Alfie was so exhausted today he fell asleep mid-sandwich:),” Natasha tweeted. Poor love, we know how he feels!

But it pays off in the end and Natasha says that Ella is already smiling. “She’s just started smiling and gurgling which is just gorgeous to wake up to in the morning,” she said. “She only cries when she wants feeding. I’ve been really lucky.”

Photos: Twitter / Natasha Hamilton

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