While here at MFM we don’t like to encourage any form of battle, we are also believers in honouring tradition – including the time-honoured practice of the great British snowball fight.


With snow flurries expected to engulf our fair lands this weekend, we have teamed up with Rounders England to present this three-step guide to crafting and throwing the perfect snowball.

Meaning that, come the snow, your family will be primed and prepped to take on the next-door neighbours (that’ll show them for being infuriatingly perfect) and anyone else who dares take on your colossal, collective snowball-throwing might…

Or, you know, just have a quiet, calm throw-about in the garden, whatever floats your boat!

Step one - Preparation

Form a handful of soft snow into a ball that fits snuggly into the palm of your hand. The snow needs to be packed tightly enough so that it doesn’t break up in mid-flight but loosely enough to ensure break up at impact. Stand facing your target. Pull back the arm holding the snow ball and, at the same time, take a step back with the foot on the same side as your throwing arm. Point your other arm at the target and rock back so that your body weight is on your back foot.

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Step two – Action

Transfer your body weight from your back, to your front foot by rotating your hips. At the same time, bring your throwing arm through, leading the action from your shoulder joint. As your arm reaches a point just in front of your head, flick your wrist and release your snowball. This action will increase the speed of the snowball through the air, helping it to maintain a true course towards its target.

Step three – Follow through

Allow your throwing arm to continue on its path, aiming in the direction of your target. If you have too much forward momentum, take a small step forward to avoid an embarrassing face-down fall in the snow!

Of course, if all this sounds a little too much like hard work to you, we recommend getting your mitts on the Arctic Force Snowball Blaster, £15.99 by Wham-O. This nifty machine creates perfect snowy spheres and blasts them with excellent precision. Some may think of this as cheating, but we say all's fair in love and snowball war!