While mums and dads might groan at the thought of snow, we all know it's every child's dream come true. And secretly, adults have fun too.


Get prepared for a snow day with the perfect kids' sledge and help them make memories they'll look back on in years to come.

While a traditional wooden sledge might spring to mind when you think about sliding around in the snow, there are now a wide range of kids' sleighs which can include breaks, look like race cars or even be styled as scooters.

Below, we've put together a list of the best kids' sledges, snowboard, sliders and toboggans to help them make the most of the winter months.

Plus, if you're worried about how you're going to keep littler ones warm in the snow, we've rounded up a selection of the best baby snowsuits as well as some of the best baby blankets, which might be useful.

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See our pick of the best kids' sledges, snowboards and snow scooters..

1. Kids' Sledge with Brake and Steering Wheel, £49.99

Kids' Sledge with Brake and Steering Wheel

This kids’ sledge is a fun option for little racers. The red toboggan is styled to look like a speedy race car, complete with steering wheel and metal hand break, so they can control speed and direction as they head down the slopes.

There’s also an attached pull so they can drag their sledge back up the hill to go again and again.

Reviewers on the Decathlon website praised the high quality and stability of the sledge, with one commenting that it was light enough to be able to take back up a slope.

Available from: Decathlon

2. Chad Valley Alpha Sledge, £10

Chad Valley Alpha Sledge

This classic kids’ sledge is perfect for getting kids having fun on the slopes without breaking the bank.

The UK made sledge is formed from frost-resistant polyethylene meaning it should be durable enough for plenty of turns down the hill and it is guaranteed for 1 year.

This option was rated 4.8 out of 5 stars from 64 reviews on the Argos website.

One reviewer who bought this for their grandsons said it was “enormous fun” and that “it has already been well used, but is not showing any signs of wear.”

“I have two and my 8 year old and 5 year old [the sledge] fit in them very comfortably,” added another review, while the sledge was also described as having good “steering and stopping” capabilities.

Available from: Argos

3. Kids' 2-Seater Sledge with Brake Snowblade, £59.95

This Snowblade sledge has 2 seats so kids can couple up with brothers and sisters or even mums and dads.

There is a metal footbrake to help control speed and a steering wheel to alter the direction while sledging. It is worth noting this will need putting together at home, with one reviewer than it took around “an hour to assemble.”

“It's super, like Santa's Sleigh,” added a reviewer on the Decathlon website. It was also described as “sturdy and works very well” and “relatively compact.”

One parent also mentioned that they are “almost 80 kg and my child is 15 kg and we are going down without problems.”

Available from: Decathlon

4. Snow 'N' Go Kids Snow Tray, £3.99

Snow 'N' Go Kids Snow Tray

For a lightweight and low-cost option, a snow tray could be a great idea. Snow trays are easy for kids to carry themselves and won’t take up room in the car or get in the way on the bus.

Snow trays are designed to simply sit on at the top of the slope while you lift your feet and glide down. There is a handle on the front to grip while you slide.

Reviewers on Amazon described it as “good price, lots of fun” as well as “sturdy...and glides perfectly.”

Available from: Amazon

5. Chad Valley Snowboard, £15

Chad Valley Snowboard

The ready assembled snowboard is great for mini winter sports fans or kids who are looking for something a little more challenging in the snow. It is also guaranteed for 1 year, so it should last relatively well with use.

Reviewers on the Argos website described it as “bigger than expected and well built” and said “is relatively easy to adjust the straps” on the board.

One parent of a 7 year old said their son “had loads of fun with it” and added “it exceeded my expectations in its durability - it is still intact after some heavy use.”

Available from: Argos

6. Dantoy Bob Sledge with Brakes, £22.99

Dantoy Bob Sledge with Brakes

These kids’ sledges are built in the more standard toboggan style but feature a few extras, for a slight increase in price compared to simpler models.

There are handles on either side of the sledge for so kids can hand on more tightly as well as a front string with a hand grip.

Inside the sledge are formed seating sections plus incorporated safety breaks to help control speed while gliding down the slopes.

Reviewers on Amazon described the sledge as a “nice sturdy product and very good quality compared to some of the high street ones.” Others added that it seemed "strong but very light" which made it great for going down hills.

Available from: Amazon

7. Swordfish Sled, £9.99

Swordfish Sled

This standard formed sledge has formed ridges on the base to help kids stay seated and grip their feet while sliding in the snow.

The string on the front of the sledge is ideal for pulling it back up the hill after each run down and can also be used to adjust direction while sledging.

It also won’t break the bank!

Available from: Sports Direct

8. Snow Scooter, £18

Snow Scooter

For a completely different take on sledging and even snowboarding, this snow scooter could be a fun idea for kids to take a ride on.

There is a non-skid footrest which provides more traction for added control while they slide down the snowy hills.

Previous buyers at Go Outdoors seemed impressed with the snow scooter, describing it as a “great product” which was “good value”.

“The children have had so much fun with these! Great purchase,” said one buyer. Another parent added that it was a “great price and the whole family had fun, big enough to kid 3 of us on it, 1 adult a 8 year old and 3 year old.”

Available from: Go Outdoors


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