How you can help a 7-year-old’s charity fundraising

Jack Henderson has raised over £30,000 for the Edinburgh hospital that treated his younger brother - and now you can bid for one of his pictures!


Stuck for an original Christmas gift? What about an original Jack Henderson canvas!


The 7-year-old from East Lothian has raised over £30,000 for charity by drawing pictures in return for donations, and now Practical Parenting & Pregnancy are auctioning one of Jack’s drawings for charity.

The eBay auction runs until Wednesday 21st December, and you can place your bid here.

Jack’s brother Noah, 2, was the inspiration for his amazing fundraising efforts, after needing regular treatment for bronchiolitis at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh.

All proceeds of the auction will go to the hopsital. 


You can read an interview with Jack’s mum, Rose, in the new issue of Practical Parenting & Pregnancy, out now.

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