“I wannabe a pop star or sports star…”

Young ambitions very different from 25 years ago


Today’s youngsters have their sights set on being the next Girls Aloud and David Beckham, a new survey has revealed.


Topping the list of career ambitions was a sports star, gaining 12% of the votes, closely followed by pop stars and actresses with 11% each.

Researchers questioned 3,000 parents about the ambitions of their children, who were aged 5-11, and their own career hopes when they were young.

The results are very different to those of 25 years ago, when teachers, doctors and vets topped the list of most desired professions.


“Children see footballers, pop stars and actors on TV and their lives look exciting. It’s hard for them to realise that they are the end product of a lot of talent and hard work,” said child psychologist Laverne Antrobus. “Parents can think about why they didn’t achieve their own dreams to help their children to realise their true talents.”

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