If Instagram did water births…

Hypnobirthing quotes, white towels and a birthing ball... This supercalm birth video is giving us serious 'gram vibes


Bouncing quietly on her birthing ball and staring at the positive affirmations around her, Becky Robson couldn’t seem more calm.


But, amazingly, this mum-of-1 is just minutes away from giving birth to her 2nd child – and it’s all captured on film in the most beautiful, serene way. As someone said here at MFM, is this the most Instagrammable birth ever?

Becky is Australian and she gives birth to baby Evie Willow in a birthing pool at home, using hypnobirthing techniques to keep as chilled as possible.

And, we have to say, judging from this video, it seems to have worked. (And it’s a far cry to the amount of racket some of us made when we were in the delivery suite!) 


Our favourite moment of the whole video is this one: where Becky slowly and gently pulls newborn Evie out of the water until she finally breaks the surface and takes her first breath. Just stunning.


Watch the whole serene water birth in the video below…

Evie Willow from Laine Pictures & Film on Vimeo.

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