Imaginary gastric band helps mum lose weight

Hypnosis made mum-of-three believe she had a gastric stomach band


Marion Corns, from Merseyside, has dropped four stone after she was hypnotised into thinking she had a gastric band operation, the Mirror has reported.


A therapist talked Marion, 35, through the medical procedure while she was in a trance. Smells were even pumped into the room to help.

After the hypnosis treatment, Marion felt like her stomach had been tightened, and as though she was full after eating just a small portion of food. She is currently losing 3lb a week, and has gone from a size 22 to size 14 over the past four months. “I simply can’t eat a lot of food now,” Marion has said.

Mum-of-three Marion was living in Spain when she heard about the treatment. After her weight went up despite trying various diet aids, Marion spent £780 on five sessions with a therapist at the Elite Clinic, Marbella.

“It’s a novel idea. It avoids the side effects of real gastric bands but it’s important people get the correct dietary advice,” the British Dietary Association has commented.


How far would you go to lose a few pounds (or stones!)? Let us know…

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