Importance of first aid for families highlighted by new survey

New findings reveal 70% parents don't know what to do in an emergency


Could you give CPR to your baby, or know what to do if your child swallows a toxic substance? If not, you’re not alone.


A nationwide study by has highlighed a worrying lack of first aid knowledge among parents in the UK, with 7 in 10 parents admitting that they did not know how to help their child in a medical emergency.

The results also revealed that 72% of parents across the UK wouldn’t know how to assist an unconscious child, administer CPR or attend to burns and scalds.

The findings reinforce how important it is for parents to learn basic first aid skills and the confidence to use them in an emergency.

Find out how much you know about first aid with our quiz. And, if youskills could do with brushing up, take a look at our first aid information.


For more detailed information about first aid and CPR take a look at the NHS website, or see St John’s Ambulance or British Red Cross online to find out about taking a first aid course.

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