iPhone helps mum get pregnant

Couple uses mobile phone app to boost conception chances


A couple are celebrating the birth of their first baby after their iPhone helped them fall pregnant, reports the Scottish Sun.


Lena and Dudley Bryce had been trying to conceive for four years and were considering having IVF or adopting. That was until Lena downloaded the fertility application for her Apple iPhone.

“Doctors couldn’t find any reason why I hadn’t been able to get pregnant,” said Lena. “We’re young, fit and healthy and just expected everything would be fine, so it began to weigh a bit heavily on us. But Dudley gave me the iPhone for my birthday and I downloaded the app.”

Lena put the date of her period and daily body temperature into the Free Menstrual Calendar to predict the best time in her cycle to try for a baby. The app even suggested the best sexual positions to help conception.

And within two months, Lena was over the moon to discover she was pregnant.

What’s more, baby Lola was born exactly when the app said she would be. “Friday was the due date and first babies are often late,” said proud new mum Lena. “But Lola came exactly when the iphone said she would – it’s amazing. Now we have our gorgeous daughter and we couldn’t be happier.”


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