iPhone now translates baby gurgles

Do you really need a phone to tell you how your baby is feeling?


Having trouble understanding your baby’s gurgles, whining and babbling? No need to fret, as the iPhone claims to have the answer, an application called the Cry Translator.


If it isn’t already obvious that when your baby cries they are unhappy and laughing out loud means they are happy, the latest must-have iPhone application, or ‘app’ as they are called in the tech world, claims to translate your baby’s noises.

The device, which costs $30, listens to your baby’s noises and analyses pitch, volume and tone. Ten seconds later, and poof! You are granted with one of five ‘translations’: hungry, sleepy, annoyed, bored and stressed.

Every parent wants to do the best for their child and fret when they cry, so is this new iPhone app preying on parental anxieties? According to the makers of the application, it can help babysitters make decisions if a baby cries and it even gives advice on what to do next.

Eyebrows may be raised on whether this latest mod-can techno gadget is 100% accurate. However clinical tests have proved it to be 96% on the spot when translating baby’s noises, Biloop Technologic, who sell the product, have claimed.


The Cry Translator is available to buy at the App Store until November 11. Find out more on the website.


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