Is being an older parent unfair on children?

Fresh criticism deems older parents “selfish and self-centered”


While the medical issues surrounding having children at an older age continues to be widely debated, Australian based Dr Barry Walters has now thrown the social implications into the spotlight. Dr Barry claims that postponing having a baby is ultimately “selfish” as it ends up leaving children burdened with geriatric parents early on in their life.


Dr Barry’s comments have sparked widespread debate, with many people coming forward to defend couples’ decisions to put off having children until they themselves are ready for the responsibility. Robbie Williams has recently stated how pleased he is that he’ll be an older, more mature father and Nicole Kidman had her daughter, Faith, when she was already into her 40s.

However, Dr Barry feels that women should be bucking this trend and choosing to have their children by the age of 37. This would ensure their children get a fair chance when they reach young adulthood, in terms of being able to tackle the stresses of modern life, without the struggles of caring for aged parents.

Those who disagree with Dr Barry’s comments, including the hospital he works for, cite multiple reasons why a woman may be slightly older when she gets pregnant – including the fact that many women find they simply can’t get pregnant very easily. 

Is Dr Barry talking sense… or non-sense? We’d love to hear your thoughts…


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