Is ice cream as addictive as drugs?

Cravings for ice cream and other junk foods can be so strong they are similar to those experienced by drug addicts, a study reveals


Ice cream leaves people feeling addicted in the same way as illegal drugs, suggests a new study.


The study, published online in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that our cravings for the delicious dessert were similar to those experienced by drug addicts. The research concluded that the brain was left wanting more ice cream in the same way as someone who regularly uses cocaine. These results appear to support previous claims that some people can become ‘addicted’ to junk food.

During the study, 151 teenagers, aged 14 and 16, were fed chocolate milkshakes before being interviewed about their eating habits. The study found that those who regularly ate ice cream needed more and more to replicate the sugar ‘high’ they first experienced.

Dr Kyle Burger, from the Oregon Research Institute, said overeating high-fat or high-sugar foods seems to change the way the brain responds to it, resulting in a decreased mental ‘reward.’

Dr Burger told The Telegraph, “This down-regulation pattern is seen with frequent drug use, where the more an individual uses the drug, the less reward they receive from using it.”

According to the research, all participants wanted the ice cream but those who ate the most enjoyed it less and less. Instead, they had to eat more of it to experience the same level of enjoyment.

Does this sound like you? Hands up who’s guilty of ice cream overdoading…

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