Is Jessica Simpson pregnant again?

Rumours are rife that the singer may be expecting again


Jessica Simpson’s post-baby weight-loss struggle might be because she is pregnant with baby number two,  reports claim.


New-mum Jessica, who’s the face of Weight Watchers, famously sported a huge baby bump during her pregnancy with daughter Maxwell. Allegedly, the reason Jessica hasn’t managed to drop the weight, despite reportedly following a strict diet and exercise regime, is because she might be pregnant with her second child.

“Jessica could definitely be pregnant,” Dr. Dave E. David, a board-certified obstetrician and gynaecologist, told Star magazine, reports Entertainmentwise. He explained that some women start ovulating immediately after giving birth.

Back-to-back pregnancies aren’t rare, another doctor, Elizabeth Lyster, told the Star.

“Many women come into their six-week postpartum check-up already pregnant, because they assumed they couldn’t conceive again so soon,” Elizabeth explained.

Celeb mum Tori Spelling can vouch for this, since she found out just a month after her daughter Hattie was born that she was expecting again.

Jessica recently revealed on Twitter that her Saturday night drink of choice has changed since becoming a mum.

“Responsibility has drastically changed my life! Saturday night drink of choice…. WATER! :)” Jessica wrote. Wonder if this was a hint?

Do you think Jess is pregnant again?


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