Is Mila Kunis having Ashton Kutcher’s baby?

Demi Moore’s worry that Ashton’s new girlfriend may be pregnant


We’re never really sure whether Demi Moore’s ex-husband Ashton Kutcher is actually dating Mila Kunis, but the rumour is that they’ve been an item since his split from wife Demi eight months ago.


Now, according to Hollywood Life, Demi’s worst nightmare could be coming true and her replacement may be about to announce that she’s pregnant.

If it’s not bad enough that your ex is dating a woman 21-years your junior, apparently Demi and Ashton were trying for a baby before they split. Demi, who’s now 49, told the press, “It would be another incredible part of our journey together.” Unfortunately it didn’t happen for the mum-of-three.

Now Black Swan actress Mila has come out in the press saying,  “I do want a family. I’d rather be in love and have a baby than a movie.”

Well, watch this space for news, but you’ve got to feeling for poor Demi, haven’t you?

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