Is Peter Andre’s daughter going to be a nun?

Celeb dad Peter decides on Princess Tiaamii’s future and reveals his best piece of parenting advice


Like many dads with young daughters, Peter Andre has made a firm decision on what his little girl will be when she grows up – a nun!


Peter has revealed that on his watch, nunhood will be on the cards for his 4-year-old daughter Princess Tiaamii. Joking or not joking, dad Peter has even done his research.

“Tiaamii’s going to be a nun. I’ve already told her. It’s funny, I interviewed a nun once for the Channel 5 show, and I asked her how old you have to be to become a nun. She said, ‘I think your daughter’s slightly too young, however, we do have youngish students’,” said Peter, reports Glamour UK.

“And I said, ‘Oh really? How old?’ She said, ‘About 13.’ I went, ‘Oh’. By that stage my daughter is not going to listen to me. ‘Can we not do it now?’ She said, ‘No, I’m afraid not’,” Peter continued.

Peter, who is also dad to Junior, 6, revealed what he believes is the best parenting advice out there aswell.

“Put your children first. If you put them first you’re a great parent, full stop,” said Peter.

“There (are) no rules or regulations on how to do it. If they’re first, that means you’re becoming selfless and your kids are first, and that means you are a great parent,” Peter added.

What do you want your little ones to be when they grow up?

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