It would seem that the crew behind EastEnders have given up trying to hide pregnant actress Natalie Cassidy’s bump.


Natalie, who famously plays Sonia in the BBC soap, is currently expecting her 2nd baby.

The mum-of-1 is said to be due ‘in summer’ – so not long now - but her character on the show is NOT pregnant at all.

And it would appear from these screengrabs that the show made a bit of a whoopsie by accidentally showing Natalie’s bump in a recent scene.

While we know that soaps are filmed on an incredibly tight schedule, it does seem a bit odd that they’d put so much effort into hiding the bump at first, only to give up now.

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Especially since a well-placed plant pot, a big handbag or a few too many close-ups can be used to create an illusion -tricks US shows like Friends and How I Met Your Mother employed when female stars like Alyson Hannigan and Courteney Cox were expecting.

And Kellie Bright, who plays Linda Carter in ‘Enders, is having her bump covered up by loose clothing.

Who knows what’s going on, eh?

One thing’s for sure: the gaffe has tickled users on Twitter, who were quick to comment on the unusual decision.

“It would appear that #EastEnders are not even trying to hide Sonia & Linda's large baby bumps @tayhils#NOBIGHANDBAGS” one tweeter wrote.

“Could Sonia be shoved any further in that corner? We know she's pregnant #EastEnders” said another.

While another fan joked: “I take it #eastenders are just pretending like Sonia/Natalie Cassidy isn't actually pregnant ?”

Some fans even wondered if they’d missed an important plotline, and assumed that Natalie’s character Sonia was expecting, too.

Interestingly this comes not long after pregnant Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor said she’d never hide her bump for a role, and that audiences would always see her on screen ‘as she is’.

What do you think?

Did EastEnders just give up covering the bump? Or is it just so tricky to pull off a bump cover-up in the later stages of pregnancy that there's just no point in trying?

Image: Twitter/Azza Loves It

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