Jacqueline Jossa’s pregnancy advice from EastEnders cast mate

The EastEnders actress is getting mum-to-be guidance from Natalie Cassidy aka Sonia Fowler


Actress Jacqueline Jossa has revealed her EastEnders cast mate Natalie Cassidy has been giving her advice about her pregnancy. Jacqueline, 22, who plays Lauren Branning on the soap, has been chatting to mum-of-1 Natalie, 31, who plays Sonia Fowler.


In the TV soap back in 2000, trumpet-playing Sonia hid her on-screen pregnancy, going into denial and eventually giving birth on the sofa. But thankfully Natalie’s real-life pregnancy with 4-year-old daughter Eliza was much less dramatic and she’s been keen to give Jacqueline advice.

“Natalie Cassidy has given me great advice,” Jacqueline tells the Daily Mail. “When you’re pregnant you get a bit emotional and I feel like she must have known that I was edgy because she said to me everything works out in the end.”

Jacqueline will need to leave her friends on the EastEnders set when she has her baby but incredibly doesn’t know yet what the scriptwriters are planning. 

“I am going to have to leave at some point to give birth, but I don’t really know what will happen with my storyline,” she said. “They’re keeping it a secret from even me because it is that tight.

“I don’t have a clue either but I know I will be coming back. I read somewhere I was taking a year out which isn’t true. I definitely want to go back.”

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