Is this mum’s way of teaching her kids manners genius or cruel?

She really followed through with this threat…


When was the last time you did something that made you think: “I am the meanest mum in the world”? Hmmm.


Well, Jaime Primak Sullivan – a writer from New Jersey in the US – had one of those moments while at an ice cream shop with her kids.

You see, her children aged 5, 7 and 8, didn’t say thank you to their waitress. What’s more they didn’t even make eye contact with her.

So what did Jaime do? She was so horrified that she took all their ice creams – without warning – and put them in the bin.

The kids were clearly DEVASTATED.

Here’s Jaime’s story in full, which she posted on Facebook:

“So… I am the meanest mom ever… Like… Ever.

Took the kids to Dairy Queen after dinner. They ordered their dessert choices and we waited about 5 minutes for them to call out our number. The young lady (maybe 17) handed each child their ice cream.

Not one looked her in the eye. Not one said thank you. Not to her, not to me… So I waited. I counted to 10 in my head as they dug into their ice cream and the young lady just looked at me (probably because she thought I was hearing voices) and I watched as my children strolled out the door.

I followed them outside where I calmly collected their ice creams and my kids watched in horror as I deposited them into the nearby garbage can. All 3 launched into mass hysteria. I waited. Quiet. Calm. When they realised I had something to say, they quieted down. 

I explained that one day, if they were lucky, they would work a job like that young lady. And I would hope that people would see them. Really see them. Look them in the eye and say thank you. We are too old at 8/7/5 to move through our days without exercising manners and honestly basic human decency. 

So today, I am the meanest mom in the world.”

Jaime’s cone-crushing action had a mixed reaction on Facebook.

“I know you are their mother, but in my opinion, I thought that was a bit over the top!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would have made them go back in the ice cream place and apologize for not saying thank you. They are great kids, and this was quite harsh and this memory will really stay with them, even though I know you were trying to make a point,” one reader commented.

But another added, “I remember when my son was small and a lady gave him a sucker, I said what do you say? He said nothing. I handed it back to her and said thank you, but he doesn’t deserve the sucker. He had a fit, but I didn’t care. I told him if someone offers him a piece of paper you say thank you or no thank you. Manners matter!!!” another added.

Joining in on the debate, a waitress posted: “As someone who works in a restaurant and deals with people who ignore me when I ask ‘How are you?’, or sit their money on the counter when I’m holding my hand out for it, or won’t even acknowledge me after I say thank you, have a nice day! Thank you. Thank you for instilling into your children manners and plain human decency!”

Jaime has since explained that she has tried many times to get her kids to be respectful to store employees. But apparently all her pleading had fallen on deaf ears, which is why this time she took such drastic action. 

So what do you think? Did she go too far? Let us know in the comments below.

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