Why this toy catalogue makes us cheer

Boys push prams and girls get to work on a tool bench in this toy company's brilliant challenge to gender stereotypes


Should the sex of a child determine whether they play with a pram or powertool? Well, a Spanish toy company clearly thinks not and is attempting to knock down gender stereotypes in the toy industry with the unisex approach to its Christmas catalogue.


The Toy Planet Christmas catalogue features boys pushing prams and girls playing with toy powertools. In fact, their whole catalogue avoids grouping toys into ‘for boys’ and ‘for girls’ sections – instead mixing it up so anyone can play with anything.


It’s the second year the Spanish company have gone for a gender-neutral catalogue. And Toy Planet’s CEO Ignacio Gaspar told the Spanish site El Pais that he’d love to see other toy companies do the same.


While most British toy retailers now group toys by age and type rather than by ‘toys for boys’ and ‘toys for girls’, it’s refreshing to see different sexes playing with a range of different types of toys in a catalogue.


Do you think British toy retailers should follow suit? Let us know in the comments below.

Photos: Toy Planet

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