Isla Fisher champions breastfeeding

Celebrity mum Isla says nursing helped her regain her figure


Actress and mum-of-two Isla Fisher has opened up about her pregnancies, and credits breastfeeding as her slimming secret.


The 36-year-old, who’s mum to daughters Olive, 5, and Elula, 2, says breastfeeding her daughters helped her regain her slim figure.

“Breastfeeding – that’s my biggest slimming secret,” Isla reportedly told Women’s Health magazine.

“That and Spanx. Anytime anyone compliments me on my figure, I’m wearing my Spanx undies,” she explained.

The Australian actress, who’s married to comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, talked candidly about her experiences of pregnancy.

“I’ve been blessed that I never had any body issues during pregnancy. I loved being able to eat whatever I wanted and the whole experience of giving life,” she said.

“I never worried about losing the weight afterwards, because breastfeeding burns all the calories up so fast,” she explained. 

Isla is not the only celebrity to mum to open up about breastfeeding. Celeb parents Miranda Kerr, mum to 1-year-old Flynn, and Gislele Bundchen, who’s currently expecting her second child, have also shared their thoughts on nursing.

Breastfeeding seems as if it’s a hot topic in the world of celebrity mums! If you want to know more, find out why breastfeeding keeps you slimmer for longer, check out the top breastfeeding questions answered, and try these easy breastfeeding positions for new mums.


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