It’s a mum calling the shots in children’s fashion

What do mums really want from kids' clothes? Fiona Lambert, George at Asda’s Brand Director, says she knows because she's a mum too


Fiona Lambert, George at Asda’s Brand Director, is both a fashionista and a mum. MFM caught up with her as George previewed its summer trends in London, to hear how children as young as 8 are keen on fashion


What do you enjoy most about working on the children’s range?

“I love being involved in children’s wear because you get to have a little bit of a sense of humour with it. You can use so much colour, show off a real sense of fun.”

Has being a mum changed how you approach the range?

“You have to think about what kids are going to be interested in putting on in the morning. Often it’s their favourite character. We sell more licensed children’s character products than anyone else in the UK. We really get that sense of them wanting to wear what they want from an early age.”

So do you think kids make a lot of their own fashion choices?

“I think from about 4 years of age kids are choosing for themselves what they want to wear – it’s part of who they are. From about 8 years, old they’re thinking about fashion. That’s why you see so many trends from men and women filtering down to boys and girls.”

How do you ensure the range is good for mums?

“Easy care is the main thing. I get that now I’m a mum. You want it to be easy to wash and not involve a lot of ironing. Mums really want elastic waists too so all of our kids’ clothes have either elasticated or adjustable waists – kids are always growing. This is the reasoning behind trousers with hems that come down too.”

We’ve read that children’s clothing is recession-proof. Do you agree?

“Kids are the last thing that parents will compromise on. How they’re dressed is part of their happiness and confidence and mums aren’t going to pass on that. Kids will always keep growing too, so in many ways it’s a necessity.”

Are there certain styles that are a no-no for the children’s range?

“Categorically. We’re firm believes in the idea of letting girls be girls. We have a range that goes up to 16 years of age but we sanity-check everything with mums.”

Do you secretly adopt the school-run mum look? Scraped back hair, trainers…

“We all have a work and home wardrobe, don’t we? But similar principles apply to mums as they do their kids’ clothes. You want something that’s easy care – especially as being a mum involves a lot of being dribbled on! Quality, style and good price equals good value and that’s what we want for mums and children alike.”

Is there a brand out there that you think, that’s what I want George to be?

“We’re really proud of being George and what we stand for. We really get behind design. We have a 30-strong design team and can ensure everything is great quality. We sponsor Graduate Fashion Week too. We’ve used some designs from the students in the summer range [filtering into stores now] and continue to work with companies like Disney on original designs. With 26% of clothes sold in the market being kids we feel it deserves good design.”

What’s the stand-out piece in the range for you?

“I love the ice cream t-shirt because it’s fun, bright and good quality. It sums up what we’re all about. I also love that I’m thinking about trends on the bottom half this season. Everything from coloured skinnies to tribal print harem trousers.”


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