IVF failure could become a thing of the past

New research could help guarantee success after just one treatment of IVF.


A new technique for securing embryos is being developed and it could see IVF success rates increase; perhaps even getting rid of failed cycles altogether.


The technique that’s being developed at Oxford University will check for chromosomal abnormalities that have been linked to pregnancy failure. Dr Dagan Wells’ team at Oxford believes that this development could eventually ensure a 100% success rate from a single cycle.

Researchers have been studying embryos, developing a technique to select those that are healthy and more likely to result pregnancy- increasing the chances of conception to 70% per-cycle.

“ We need a better understanding of the biology, allowing us to bridge that gap and approach 100% success,” said Dr Dagan.

“In the future, we will be able to compare the embryos that make a baby and those that don’t,” he added.

The study has already been awarded a prize from the US Society for Assisted Reproductive Technologies. However, members of The British Fertility Society fear that inadequate funding for the study could slow down any progress.

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