Izzy Judd reveals infertility left her and Harry McFly’s sex life ‘routine and functional’

The soon-to-be mum of 2 has opened up about her struggles to conceive


Izzy Judd – wife of McFly’s Harry – has always been hugely open about the couple’s struggles to start a family, and now, in a new interview, she has revealed that infertility put a strain on her marriage.


Izzy, who’s mum to Lola, 16 months, and is currently pregnant with her second child, told New! magazine that before they started their IVF treatment, their sex life became all about conception rather than romance.

“With all the ‘doing it’ to make sure we hit the ovulation window, at first Harry couldn’t believe his luck!” she said. “But then sex became so routine and functional. Suddenly, there’s no fun, no joy, no flirting and no romance left.”

Harry and Izzy had been told by doctors that having a baby without fertility treatment would probably be impossible because Izzy had polycystic ovaries.

Izzy did everything she could to increase their chances of having a baby, including going on a strict detox and cutting out sugar, caffeine and gluten, and admits it all put a strain on their relationship. 

The pair eventually turned to IVF when Izzy was 30, after their attempts to conceive naturally failed. Sadly, they endured the misery of a miscarriage after her first round of treatment, but had a successful pregnancy a few months later, resulting in their gorgeous little girl, Lola.

Now, Izzy is expecting again – and this time, there was no medical intervention, and she fell pregnant without IVF – ironically, while in the middle of writing her book about her fertility issues, Dare To Dream.

Joyfully announcing her news on Instagram back in April, she wrote: “Harry, Lola and I are so happy to share our news. After having IVF to conceive Lola people used to say to me you’ll probably fall pregnant naturally next time.

“I wondered how it would ever be that simple after all the difficulties we have previously faced. I never believed we would be lucky enough, but whilst writing Dare To Dream this little miracle happened.” 

Despite the strain it undoubtedly put on them, these two make SUCH a cute couple, right? And how lovely is it that after all their heartache they not only have their beautiful little Lola but another baby on the way? 

Can you relate to Izzy’s story? Has infertility put a strain on your relationship? The pressure must be so intense… do let us know in comments or on Facebook.

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