When you're a new parent, there are certain moments that make you think… how on earth did I get here?

You know the moments, they come at 3.55am when you're getting up for a night feed or when you're wiping poop off your elbow – for the third time that day.

And when they happen there's only one thing you can do… laugh it off.

That's exactly what new dad Harry Judd did when he fell victim to a particularly nasty spewnami.

With yellowish-white sick all down his T-shirt, Harry sports a face of grim determination while giving the camera a thumbs up.

Nothing to see here. I'm just going to lie back and let the warm sick seep through my shirt and on to my aching, tired skin. I'M FINE.

"Cheers Lola. ?," Harry wrote on Instagram, sharing the selfie.

And it seems lots of other parents have had the same feeling.

"SNAP...but it was poo in this house??," one dad commented.

"Aw @juddymcfly I feel your pain mate. Me and my husband are first time parents and I don't think I have an item of clothing that's hasn't been vomited or pooed on. Parenthood at its finest," a mum added.

And here's the culprit, 7-week-old Lola looking ridiculously cute on Mother's Day with her mum Izzy.

Photos: Instagram / Harry Judd

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