Izzy Judd bares her ready-to-pop baby bump

Meanwhile, husband Harry reveals they're keeping a pregnancy secret...


Izzy Judd is bumping along towards her due date…


The 33-year-old author hasn’t revealed exactly when she’s expected to give birth to her 2nd child, but excited dad-to-be Harry hinted that it might be soon.

“We can’t wait to meet you ❤️ ” he wrote beside this gorgeous bump snap on Instagram.

Perhaps there’s just a couple of weeks to go?


Who they’ll meet remains even more of a mystery, as Harry revealed the couple have decided against learning their baby’s sex.

Even though the news is right there in their house – sealed inside an envelope!

izzy judd

“Totally understand those that want to find out the sex of their baby but I’d rather not know,” the 31-year-old McFly drummer confessed.

“@mrs_izzyjudd wanted to find out for no.2 but when she got home with the envelope she changed her mind.

“This has been in our house for months!”


It’s one thing not want to know at all, but to have the news physically in front of you, within your grasp?

Call us impatient, but we’d definitely find that too tempting…

That said, we’re sure the couple’s 18-month-old daughter Lola will love being a big sis to either a baby bro or a fellow girl.


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Image: Instagram/Harry Judd

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