Jacqueline Jossa’s first baby bump selfie

EastEnders actress shares a backstage pic of her pregnancy bump in a comfy onesie


Pregnant EastEnders star Jacqueline Jossa has shared her first baby-bump selfie. But, unlike lots of pregnant celebs, she didn’t do the whole glam-up-to-the-nines thing; instead, she kept it low-key and refreshingly normal by wearing a cosy grey and pink onesie.


Jac – who plays Lauren in the BBC soap – rested a hand on top of her bump and gave a little smile to the camera for the dressing-room snap she shared with fans on Instagram.

“Baby bump #onsie #cosy #messydressingroom,” she commented.


And it seems the 21-year-old actress can’t wait to take on her new role as a mother.

Earlier this week, her boyfriend Dan Osborne posted a picture of her holding a Coca Cola can with ‘Mum’ written on it.

“@jacjossa got given this at the cafe – lol,” he commented.

Last week the couple celebrated Jac’s 20-week scan and found out the baby’s gender. But the celeb couple didn’t tell us what they found out, teasingly tweeting a pic of their gender-reveal cake in leave-you-guessing black-and-white!

Some people think you can tell if it’s a boy or girl from the shape of the pregnancy bump, though. Do you think you can? Please do let us know your predictions for Jacqueline in the comments below!

Photos: Instagram / Jacqueline Jossa and Instagram / Dan Osborne

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