Jam, water, cereal – what some kids think count towards 5-a-day

Milk and blueberry muffins also named as adding to fruit and veg quota


Approximately one in six children think a blueberry muffin counts towards their five-a-day, according to a new survey.


The poll by Dolmio, found that children also named milk, cereal, jam and water as part of their daily intake of fruit and veg.

Dolmio surveyed parents and children aged 8 to 15 in more than 500 families and found that while kids’ general knowledge of healthy eating was good, there was still confusion over what counted towards their five-a-day quota.

The poll found that 16% of kids thought jam counted, 15% said blueberry muffins were part of their five-a-day, 12% thought milk counted along with 12% who named cereal as a contributor, and 6% said water was part of their daily intake.

On the plus side, an encouraging 95% of children questioned knew that eating five portions of fruit and veg on a daily basis was important, and knew that foods like apples and tomatoes counted towards this goal.

Do your kids have any funny ideas about which foods count towards their five-a-day?

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