Jay-Z vows to stop using b-word following birth of Blue Ivy

New dad Jay-Z reveals new dad attitude in a poem


Rapper Jay-Z has promised to clean up his song lyrics now that his and Beyonce’s baby girl, Blue Ivy Carter, is here. Jay-Z released a poem revealing he will no longer use the word “b****” in his songs.


“Before I got in the game, made a change, and got rich / I didn’t think hard about using the word b****. I rapped, I flipped it, I sold it, I lived it / now with my daughter in this world I curse those that give it,” Jay-Z wrote.

Jay-Z, who is known for using the word in his previous hits, also goes on to vow that “no man will degrade her, or call her name. I’m so focused on your future, the degradation has passed. I wish you wealth, health and insight. Forever young you may pass. Blue Ivy Carter, my angel”.

Before this poem, Jay-Z released a song dedicated to his baby girl Blue, straight after she was born. What will baby Blue make his dad do next?

From those tight security measures to protecting baby Blue from foul language, Jay-Z is already looking like the most overprotective celeb dad!

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