Jessica Alba reveals Honor “steals my stuff”

The actress has said that her eldest daughter Honor has a habit of being light fingered


Jessica Alba has revealed that her daughter Honor, 3, has taken to pinching items from around the house and from Jessica’s handbag. 


The Fantastic Four star and mum-of-two outed her little girl in an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week. 

“She basically goes around the house and takes everything that she sees and it becomes hers and it’s in her purse…She takes my ID and my driver’s licence, she’ll take everything,” said Jessica. 

“She just steals my stuff…It’s not working out with me,” Jess said.  

Here at MFM we’re not surprised that Honor’s after Jessica’s driving license – remember the present Jessica bought her in December last year?! 

Have your little ones got funny habits? 


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