Jessica Simpson to have a natural birth afterall?

Pregnant Jessica reveals she’s on tenterhooks waiting for her waters to break


Jessica Simpson, 31, has previously hinted that witnessing her sister give birth scared her so much that she would be opting for a caesarean.


However, in a recent telephone interview with USA today, Jessica, who’s baby is due this spring, says she has every intention of giving birth naturally. In fact, she’s anxious for the whole thing to get going saying, “I’m waiting for my water to break, for the day I got to the hospital and push.

“I’m more anxious than afraid. I have not been afraid the whole time.” She added, “I figure if all these women all around the world can do it, I can do it.”

But she may have her work cut out! Now weighing 170lbs, Jessica reckons she’s about to deliver an estimated 10lb baby!

“She’s in the 90th percentile of weight right now so she’s going to be a very big baby,” she says, “I guess that’s what I get for letting a baller knock me up!” Nice choice of words there Jess…

Jessica also revealed that they have already chosen a name for their little girl. With no indication of what it could be, we do know nephew Bronx “definitely loves the name.”

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