Jennifer Lopez admits that when she was pregnant with twins Emme and Max, she was shocked by some of the extra body parts that started to grow.


“Your nose gets big, huge. Everybody’s nose blows up and it’s the weirdest thing. And your feet, too. I thought, ‘What am I going to do with all these great shoes?’ But they do go back, almost.”

Away from body parts, Spice Girl Mel C says she was shocked by how much attention she received. “I didn’t expect to get so much attention – I felt really special when I was pregnant, everybody is so nice to you. I wasn’t quite prepared for all of the tummy touching either, but I enjoyed it! Such a special time.”

In celebration of Jennifer Lopez’s part in the Lionsgate hit movie What To Expect When You’re Expecting (released on the 22nd October) and Melanie’s support of Sparks children’s charity, a UK wide poll of 200 mums was carried out to find out what mums hadn’t been expecting.

Top 6 unusual pregnancy revelations:

1. The need to eat fresh plaster off of the wall
2. The inability to be in the same room as a vegetable
3. Cravings for ice, garden peas, Kit-Kats and parsley
4. A loss of body hair except on the tummy which went furry like a peach
5. Flatulence
6. An increased sex drive

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