Numb rib cage and shooting pain: Jordin Sparks shares pregnancy pain

'No Air' hitmaker Jordin is experiencing a common - and super painful - 3rd trimester pregnancy symptom


US singer Jordin Sparks (remember that song No Air?) is in the 3rd trimester of her 1st pregnancy ?


The 28-year-old star is set to welcome a baby boy with her husband, Dana Isaiah, in the coming weeks. (We don’t know her exact due date – but she has had her baby shower already. Eeep!)

And though she says her pregnancy has, very fortunately, been smooth sailing so far – it seems she’s feeling rather sore as she nears the finish line.

Alongside a snap of herself briefly stretching out on an exercise ball, Jordin revealed she’s getting numbness around her ribs and shooting pains down her right leg.

“This little boy wants to be on my literal nerves today,” she joked in an Instagram caption.

“The bottom of my rib cage is numb & I have some shooting pain down my right leg so I’m stretching on my exercise ball. Phew!”


Annoyingly, shooting leg pain – called sciatica because it’s caused by the sciatic nerve, which runs down the lower back, bum and legs – is actually fairly common during pregnancy.

Despite the soreness, Jordin counted her blessings, as she continued:

“But it will all be worth it when he’s here. I can’t complain though because this journey has been smooth sailing for the most part.

“He’s been so good to me! We can’t wait to meet you Little Man! Mamas, what side effects did you feel during your pregnancy?”

She certainly isn’t the only pregnant woman to experience sciatica, and numbness – especially if her Instagram comments were anything to go by.

Fellow mums poured in with their own stories of trapped nerves and discomfort in their bumps…

“I remember the pressed nerve and how horrible it was for weeks during the end of my pregnancy!” one wrote.

While another added: “I’m 39+3 and my entire left side is numb… and my nose is plugged. This is fun!”

(One pregnancy-related pain problem at a time, please ?)

“I definitely had the numb back & numbness on my right leg…” one mum began “Sitting on that nerve… BUT definitely worth it :)”

Ouch ouch ouch. All we can say is: we hope you feel better soon, Jordin ?

Images: Instagram/Jordin Sparks

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