Journalist tweets live from a baby’s heart operation

Rowenna Davis sits in on newborn girl’s heart operation and shares it via social networking site


Journalist and Labour councillor Rowenna Davis has been tweeting live from the heart operation of a 2-week-old baby girl. Rowenna was allowed to sit in on the operation and updated her Twitter account as the operation went along. This live update was done in a personal, rather than professional, capacity.


The 2-week-old baby girl needed corrective surgery on her heart. If her arteries were not “switched” she would die. “The surgery is complex, but the risk from such surgery is only 1-2%,” reported Rowenna. The small size of the baby didn’t make things any easier for the surgeons. In order to carry out this procedure the baby’s heart was put on bypass, allowing a machine to act as her heart and lungs.

Rowenna posted pictures of the operation at various stages and reported that the baby’s hear “is the size of the walnut”.

The most critical part of the surgery is over now and the baby is now off the bypass machine, her heart beating again without any help.   However, the next few hours are going to be crucial to see if the baby’s heart re-adjusts.

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