Junk food DOESN’T top list of children’s favourites

We’ve seen adults vote on their fave foodie treats, now here’s how the children’s taste buds fared…


Pasta and pesto has topped a poll of kid’s favourite foods, beating macaroni and cheese. The green dish is even more popular than pizza, according to the survey conducted by the people behind The Children’s Food Festival.


It seems that what adults prefer to feast on is different to what tickles their kids taste buds. The number one choice for adults, bangers and mash, only made it to 5th place and second choice, fish and chips, barely scraped 3% of children’s votes. Foreign dishes were also tasty faves, with Chinese stir-fry and chicken curry making the top 10.

Interestingly, burgers and other types of junk food did not feature on the list.

Top 10 children’s favourite foods

1)    Pasta and pesto (18%)
2)    Macaroni cheese (12%)
3)    Toad in the hole (9%)
4)    Spaghetti Bolognaise (8%)
5)    Bangers and mash (7%)
6)    Chinese stir fry (6%)
7)    Chicken and Chips (6%)
8)    Chicken Curry (5%)
9)    Roast Dinner (4%)
10)  Pizza (3%)

See what foods were the adults’ favourites


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