Just how much we record our babies revealed in new study

Babies under 1 get the most camera attention, says research


The extent to which babies under 12 months are being filmed by their mums as they seek to capture every new moment has been revealed in a One Poll survey for Flip Video.


The survey of 1,800 UK mums with children under 10 looked at what and how they capture and share their child’s developments.  There were three key phases the study pointed out:

  • Baby Broadcasters – mums with babies up to a year old
  • Toddler Trailers – mums with toddlers between 13 and 24 months
  • School Screeners – mums with children 3 years and above

The study showed that mums with babies under one seemed to capture the most on film, with 10% of mums recording 30 – 60 minutes of film per month.  Of the 79,000 babies born in 2009 they could collectively have six weeks’ worth of Eastenders.

The study showed 52% of Baby Broadcasters were using social media websites and email to share footage with friends and family, compared to 48% of Toddler Trailers and 33% of School Screeners. 

Over 50% of Baby Broadcaster mums carry a video capturing device in their changing bag, and 25% record their child over 10 times a week.


How often do you film your family?  Let us know…


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