Dad Kanye West fumes as North tempted by in-app spending

A furious Kanye hits out on Twitter after toddler North's iPad session


Downloading an iPad game for toddler North probably seemed a good idea at the time for dad Kanye West. But it wasn’t long before he was ranting away on Twitter, having realised the game was prompting his 2-year-old daughter to make an in-app purchase “every 5 minutes”.


The rapper and fashion designer called for game companies to just allow children to have fun and “give the parents a break” after realising how easy it can be for children to rack up a bill for their unsuspecting parents.

Some parents on Twitter found the dad’s sudden realisation funny.

While others pointed to his wife Kim Kardashian’s game that offers multiple in-app purchases and is suitable for children – albeit those aged 12 and over. 

If you want to prevent your child from making in-app purchases on an Apple device, you can put a restriction on in-app purchases in the Settings. This will require you to input a passcode each time before any purchase can be made. Similar parental controls are also available on Android devices.

Have you been caught out by in-app purchases? Let us know in the comments below.

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