If you think you’re an embarrassing mum, think again. We reckon little else can top Kate Beckinsale’s ultimate ‘embarrassing my child at school’ story.


The 43-year-old star recently appeared on US TV show Late Night with Seth Meyers, and reminded now 17-year-old daughter Lily of a moment we reckon she’d probs rather forget.

Firstly, the Underworld actress revealed she has a rather unusual pastime: re-arranging fruit bowls into the shape of a penis.

"It's not hard in the sense that it's not difficult,” she told Seth, careful to side-step any puns. “You do have to have an eye and you do obviously have to have a desire to do it, which I have in spades. I do that quite a lot."

"I like the fruit version. It's not like I'm obsessed with all people's penises. It's always funny if it's vegetables and fruit."

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“[They] had sort of become my sign, people knew I had been there, I mean I had four brothers growing up,” she joked.

But it seems Kate’s x-rated habit got a little out of hand after a while… culminating in daughter Lily (then in Year 7) unsuspectingly handing in a piece of homework with one of mum’s, er, signature designs on it.

“So I had been on the phone and doodling and it had been on Lily’s homework.

“She ended up getting in trouble for it.”

Naturally, Lily’s teacher was less-than-impressed and gave her a warning, telling her: “That’s not appropriate, Lily.”

But Kate said Lily was forced to respond with: “Look, it was my mother.”

Oh maaaan ?

If we were a teacher, we’d be pretty hard-pressed to come up with a suitable response for that scenario ?

Congrats Kate, you’ve put our best stories to shame! We wonder what Lily’s dad, Michael Sheen, would say his most embarrassing parenting moment is ?

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