Kate Hudson shares the reality of trying to hide your pregnancy at work

Hiding those pass-the-bucket early pregnancy symptoms ain't easy, even when you're a Hollywood star...


Kate Hudson may be a mega-famous Hollywood star but it seems she still knows what’s it like to struggle into work in the early weeks of pregnancy and pretend everything’s fine – when all you really want to do is lie down somewhere dark and try to stop being sick.


Kate, who recently announced her 3rd pregnancy with a sweet gender-reveal video, has now shared a vid on Instagram of her doing a shoot for her Fabletics altheisure line when she was newly pregnant and keeping it all a total secret.

And there she is, in a crop top and leggings, trying to point her toes and balance on a teensy little wheel thing – when all she wanted, she posts, is ‘a bed and a bucket’.

Here at MFM, we can totally relate to that. Well, not so much the glam Hollywood fitness fashion shoot, obvs, but the pretending everything is normal at work – because we’re not ready to tell anyone yet – when our newly-pregnant body is begging us to go home and hover over the sick bowl.

Did you feel the same about going into work in the early weeks of your pregnancy? How did you get through it? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

Pic and vid: Kate Hudson on Instagram

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