Kate Middleton – too many bets on a twin pregnancy

The UK's largest bookmaker is refusing to take any more bets on royal twin babies


So many members of the public have placed bets on Kate Middleton being pregnant with twins that bookmaker William Hill is taking no more bets. So have the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge let slip something? Or is it just wishful thinking by the public – possibly something to do with her extreme morning sickness and an old wives’ tale


“We have had a load of unexpected bets including a large number of new accounts,” a William Hill spokesperson said, explaining the influx of betting on a twin pregnancy for Kate. “With any other market I would say that people know.”

And the rumour milll doesn’t stop there. Despite the twin story, there appears to be only one baby name that Prince William and Kate have reportedly set their hearts on – Elizabeth Diana Windsor.

“Close friends to William and Kate have told me that if it is a girl they want to name the baby after Diana,” royal biographer Andrew Morton told The Sun on Sunday.

“They discussed girls’ names before George was born and now they’re hoping the next one is a girl so they can carry out their wish to honour William’s mother. They’re not too thrilled at the thought it will be shortened to Princess Di. But it won’t change their minds.”

But the author of Diana’s 1992 biography also controversially insists that the couple will have to put Elizabeth first due to the ‘hostility’ between Diana and the royal family.

Almost 4 years ago, William gave Kate his mum’s engagement ring, saying it was “my way of making sure my mother didn’t miss out on today and the excitement”.

So we’re not surprised that he’d want to make another tribute to his mum.

What do you think of the potential name? 

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