Kate Middleton’s handbag causes more pregnancy rumours

The Duchess of Cambridge sparks pregnancy rumours simply by holding her handbag


Kate Middleton’s back on bump watch (again, we hear you cry!) after reportedly trying to hide her stomach at Gary Barlow’s concert for the Prince’s Trust on Tuesday night.


The Duchess was spotted holding her handbag across her stomach the entire night, ensuring the rumour mill was running at full speed with suggestions she’s expecting her first child.

Kate and Prince William’s spokespeople have already denied rumours that they’re planning kids and poor Kate found herself at the centre of miscarriage speculation earlier this year. Kate’s even had Victoria Beckham urging her not to wait to have children. Can’t the woman just go to a Gary Barlow concert in peace?!

Here at MFM HQ we’d love a Royal pregnancy, mostly because we’d like to see which high street brands she’d choose as maternity wear, but we’re not quite convinced. Not that we’re suddenly experts on Royal pregnancy cover ups, but really, if you were going to hide a bump with a handbag would you honestly opt for one the size of a lipstick?! This also got us wondering what Kate actually carries in her bag…


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