Katherine Heigl takes the perfect new mum nap selfie

The 38-year-old actress shares her best 'no sleep' and 'glammed up' mum pics...


It’s not often celebs share ‘just woke up like this’-style selfies.


But new mum Katherine Heigl’s just posted a brilliant one (and it’s not just because there’s a cute baby – Joshua Jr – in it).

The 38-year-old actress, who you probably best know from films The Ugly Truth and Knocked Up, or TV’s Grey’s Anatomy, actually shared the pic as an apology to her fans.

It seems she usually likes to live tweet episodes of her latest telly show, Doubt, and wanted to say sorry for not being on social media while it was on in the evening.

Unnecessary, really, given that she had a very good reason… she was asleep!

Or more accurately, taking what we like to call a ‘new mum nap’, as she knew she’d be up with her 2-month-old son, Joshua Jr, in the middle of the night.

“Hey West coast, sorry I wasn’t live tweeting with you all!” she began her Instagram post.

“I knew I’d be up at 2am with this fella and needed to get some ?! Hope you loved the episode! #Doubt #nightfeedingfiend”

Look, it goes without saying that we wish we ‘just woke up’ looking as glowy as Katherine does in this selfie.

But we still *get* what she’s saying. Having the chance to have a tactical midday or evening nap is a big win.

(We also just wanna add that baby Joshua’s clearly the star of the photo anyway ?)

katherine heigl glam mum

Just a few days before, the mum-of-3 shared another pic.

This time it was a proper, Hollywood glam shot featuring done-up hair, make-up, heels, designer dress – the works.

“It was so nice to get out of my leggings and sweatshirts and into fancy pretty things this week while I talked up my new show #Doubt!” she began in the Instagram caption.

“Thank you @marthamedeirosreal for the gorgeous dress, @louboutin for the fancy schmancy shoes, @jimmychoo for the super chic clutch, @effyjewelry for the sparkly rings and @grazielagems for the exquisite earrings!

“Thank you all for making this exhausted mama feel beautiful for the night!”

While many of us mere mortals probs can’t imagine wearing some of the labels Katherine’s got on in this pic, she reminds us that it’s nice to change out of sweatpants, big comfy jumpers and day-to-day wardrobes and slip into something that makes us feel a bit special ?

Even if feeling special doesn’t stop us from feeling sleepy ??

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Images: Instagram/Katherine Heigl

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