Once again, Katie Hopkins has spoken out - this time in a frank interview with business title Management Today. Of course, it’s no surprise that the outspoken TV personality and business woman has given straight answers to tricky questions, many of them focused on family and motherhood.


Perhaps the most shocking revelation is that Katie has had dealings with social services after concerns about the safety of her children.

Katie, who has one child with current husband Mark Cross, and two children from her first marriage, explains, “I did have a call the other day from part of social services that they were concerned about the welfare of my child based on my Twitter feed, which someone thought might be damaging them. They said they had to call to follow up.”

And off goes Katie...

As is to be expected, Katie aimed her acid tongue at other mums...

Full-time mums (hey, aren't we all full-time mums, even if we work - but that's a discussion for another time...)

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“I don’t care how you live your life. Unless you describe yourself as a ‘full-time mummy,’ of course. I mean that’s just ridiculous and offensive. It makes my teeth itch.”

Stay-at-home mums

“If any stay-at-home mum walked in here I know I could take them down because they’d be a lame blathering mess. And anyway, are they an aspirational role model for your children? I think not.

"They are just jealous of your interesting life and then they say ridiculous things like, ‘Why have those children if you didn’t want to stay with them?’”

Living away from her family during the week

Katie splits her time between London, travelling and the West Country where her husband and children live. "I am on the road most of the week and go back to the West Country at the weekends and when I can at other times. People are confused by this. I say, ‘I work like a husband,’ and then they get it. But it still seems a bit weird to most people that the mum is not home every night."

She has a nanny who looks after India, 10, Poppy, 9, and Maximillian, 6, while she is working. She confesses at one point to have spent 5 years using the full amount of her salary to pay for childcare costs.

But beware if the nanny gets pregnant

Katie likes the nanny arrangement until the nanny wants to have a baby of their own. “I’ve paid two lots of maternity pay to nannies. And that is morally abhorrent,” she says. She added, “I’m paying all this money AND having to do pick up. It’s wrong.”

And the children...

When asked how her children cope with her notoriety, Katie was her usual unbothered self. "They are in a nice, small school that they love. They still see it as quite cool I am on TV. Some kid said to them that ‘their mum hates your mum’. My daughter explains it as ‘you just speak your mind Mum, and not everyone likes your mind.’"

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