Katie Hopkins blasts Beckhams for letting Harper have a dummy

The former Apprentice star says Harper looks 'like the child you feel sorry for on the bus'


Should toddlers have dummies? It’s an issue that tends to fray tempers on both sides of the yes/no divide. And, this week, it’s Katie Hopkins and Celebrity Big Brother star Nicola McLean’s turn to clash, as they reacted – differently –to a photograph of 3-year-old Harper Beckham sucking on her dummy.


Katie weighed in first, with a predictably critical verdict on Victoria Beckham‘s parenting style. “While most 3-year-olds are busy chatting with their mates,” the former Apprentice star and mum-of-3 told The Sun, “Harper is still sucking on a dummy, looking like the child you feel sorry for on the bus.” 

“Posh doesn’t need a dummy for Harper, she just needs to make time to listen.

“It’s dummy by name, dummy by nature.”

But Nicola McLean, who has 2 sons, hit back by saying we shouldn’t judge the Beckhams.

“To me, it would be bad parenting to parent every child in the same way,” she said. “Harper is still a baby and today’s society already rushes our kids to grow up far too soon.

“If it isn’t important to Victoria and David to remove Harper’s dummy, then that’s their choice and who are we to judge them?”

So what do you think? Do you think it’s wrong for toddlers to have dummies? Or not?

Please do let us know what you think – and why – in the comments below.

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