Katie Hopkins calls Jacqueline Jossa’s baby girl a ‘hairy spider’

Katie's disgusting baby tweet leaves celeb couple furious


Katie Hopkins has upset newly-engaged parents Jacqueline Jossa and Dan Osborne by likening their gorgeous daughter Ella to a ‘hairy spider’.


Motor-mouthed columnist Katie made her vicious attack on Twitter in response to a cute picture Jacqueline posted of herself and Ella. Katie lifted the image and tweeted it to her followers with the message: ‘Hairy babies really scare me. Like finding a spider on your pillow’.

Jacqueline’s outraged fiancé Dan Osborne wasted no time in hitting back at the former Apprentice star tweeting an unflattering shot of her with the caption: ‘How can YOU call anything scary when you look like this  #hocuspocus.’

He then posted another message ordering Katie to leave his daughter alone, writing: ‘Do not talk about my daughter for retweets you pathetic desperate human being! Ta!’ 

Jacqueline Jossa’s tweet to Katie Hopkins

Jacqueline took a similar stance, telling the outspoken personality to never tweet images of baby Ella again: ‘Writing nasty comments about babies is just so WRONG! Don’t ever post a picture of me and my child again, it’s very odd.’

Despite Katie’s vile actions, Jacqueline and Dan had the last laugh – Katie’s Twitter was hacked over the weekend, with the perpetrator wiping her follower list and posting a serious of rude messages! That’ll teach her! 

Photos: Jacqueline Jossa/Instagram

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